The Hidden Treasures of Playa del Carmen

Located almost exactly between the ancient coastal ruins of Tulum to the south and the bustling tourist mecca of Cancun to the north, Playa del Carmen is a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional. 
The picturesque resort town of Playa del Carmen is an ideal spot to take in the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya while enjoying the luxurious comforts of resort life at Playacar Palace. 
With world-renowned tourist attractions like Quinta Avenida, Parque Fundadores, and ferry terminal to Cozumel just to the north, Playacar Palace is located amongst the hidden treasures of Playacar, an upscale residential area that features an aviary, flora that reaches out to the sea, and a general lack of concrete that is refreshing at the southern end of town. 
Next time you take a day trip to Playa del Carmen, or better yet spend a week or more enjoying the brilliant sands and beaches of Playacar Palace, make sure to take time to explore these 4 Hidden Treasures in Playa del Carmen.

Treasures, nature and comfort in the Mayan Riviera