Bringing Yoga to Your Palace Resorts Vacation - Travel Yoga

Travel yoga is a great way to physically recover from a long plane ride, to energize yourself after taking in the sights, or to mentally relax while in close quarters with your kids for what can sometimes seem like an eternity.
No matter how many miles your travel takes you, it is possible to bring yoga along for the ride, especially when you are staying at Moon Palace Resorts, Le Blanc Spa Resorts and all Palace Resorts. And unlike lugging your laptop around with its dozens of work emails, taking yoga along with you will actually help you enjoy your vacation even more.
Whether you want to do sun salutations on a tropical beach, unroll your mat on your hotel room balcony, or simply do yoga poses at the airport or on a plane, read on for simple ways to get your ‘om’ on while out of town. 

Practice yoga and enjoy a healthy vacation all-inclusive at Moon Palace