Día de los Muertos: A Holiday to Die For

You enjoyed watching Coco with the kids and marveled at the concept of the deceased being allowed to cross over to the land of the living once a year. And the alluring display of vibrant colors, captivating flowers, and whimsical sugar skulls and skeleton makeup is impossible to resist. But what exactly is this Day of the Dead business and, more importantly, how do I celebrate when I’m in Mexico.
Some call it "Mexican Halloween" while others scoff at the notion. Either way, wouldn't it be fun to expand the end of October celebration a day or two more? You’re in luck, because Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts in Mexico take the holiday serious. And by serious, we mean get ready for some serious fun.
For starters, Day of the Dead in Mexico is not really a day. The holiday roughly coincides with two holidays of Christian origin: All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2). While details vary from one region to another within Mexico and throughout Latin America, the basic idea is that death should not only be mourned, but also celebrated.