Sailors, Fisherman, Ironman to Los Cabos

As if Los Cabos didn’t have enough things to keep you occupied, come late October your bucket list might overflow with world class activities at the tip of the Baja California peninsula.
Often referred to as Mexico with a pinch of California, the laid-back vibe of Los Cabos coupled with amazing scenery and perfect weather may be why this popular tourist destination is also quickly becoming the epicenter for all types of adventures to feed your competitive nature. 
Whether you’re looking for an exciting sailing adventure, want to partake in the richest fishing tournament in the world or have your sights set on proving your endurance as one of the best athletes in the world – or at least want to watch those supreme competitors -- here is what to look out for in Los Cabos for the most avid of traveling sportsmen and sportswomen.

Sailing, fishing and triathletes in Los Cabos