Breathtaking Negril and the Birthday of a Legend

For all its fame and international renown as a world-class tourist destination

January, 2019

Jamaica is much smaller than you would think. The Caribbean island nation is only 146 miles long from east to west – that’s a shorter distance than New York City to Albany!

This is an unmistakable advantage if you feel torn between all-inclusive comforts and the urge to explore, as you can easily get the best of the both the east and west of Jamaica, with Moon Palace Jamaica as your base.

Virgin beaches

Take Negril for example. Day trips from Ocho Rios will not only easily get you there, but will also provide a visual history lesson as you traverse the northern coast where Jamaica’s mountainous rainforest meets the Caribbean.  And the recently completed Northern Coast Highway will make sure you get to Negril and back with time to enjoy everything the town offers.

What’s more, if your trip to Moon Palace Jamaica happens to occur in early February, you’ll definitely want to plan a day trip to Negril, to take advantage of one of the country’s best Bob Marley celebrations, the Bob Marley Birthday Bash festival that includes numerous reggae acts over several days.

Until the 1970s, Negril was mostly just an outlier in Jamaica’s stock of legendary tourist destinations. Sure, its black cliffs and the legendary Seven Mile Beach were already talked about, but getting there was too burdensome. That is, until new roads were built.

Your trip to Moon Palace Jamaica

As you arrive from the north, you’ll cross the Negril River bridge and soon come upon Bloody Bay, the north end of the famous Seven Mile Beach. Although Norman Manley Boulevard runs along the coast, barely yards away from the beach at most parts, tours will undoubtedly include time for you to walk barefoot on the pristine beaches and dip your feet into the amazingly clear turquoise waters. 

Unlike some Caribbean beaches where the water’s edge soon gives away to underwater plant life, in Negril the sandy bottom stretches at least a couple hundred yards into the Caribbean, making for unbelievable clarity and unforgettable snorkeling.

The Negril Beach & Sunset Tour from Moon Palace Jamaica includes a stop at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Negril after you enjoy the beach – simply stroll up the soft sands to get a chance to enjoy the distinctive friendliness of Negril’s population. Although the laidback manner of all Jamaicans is well known, Negril locals are considered especially welcoming, perhaps due to the town’s history of boarding visitors before any resorts were even built.

As evening nears, no tour of Jamaica’s westernmost town would be complete without a visit to Rick’s Café at the West End of Negril. The panoramic view of the sunset, from atop the cliffs and looking west over the blue expanse of the Caribbean is among the most beautiful on the planet and also facilitates some of the most renowned cliff jumping spectacles in the world. You can even try it, although don’t go so high too fast!

With the perfectly-located all-inclusive base to come back to after a sun and fun-filled day, could Jamaican life get any better?

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Breathtaking Negril and the Birthday of a Legend

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chuke b
chuke b

Vacation experience

During our stay at Moon Palace we mostly Enjoyed The Pub & the staff. The atmosphere was great. The staff was great & we enjoyed many conversations with them. They are all very kind & inviting.

Ryan W
Ryan W

Cancun Moon Palace Vacation

Wonderful dinner at Arrecifas, their Brazilian steakhouse. Great cuts of meat, with delicious desserts and drinks. Fantastic service and really felt like me and my friends were taken care of. Looking forward to my next visit! 

John W
John W

Family vacation in paradise

This hotel is absolutely amazing. Every detail is incredible. One, among many, parts worth noting is the kids club! The staff is so attentive and there are so many fun things for the kids to do!