Columbus Day holiday 2018 in the Caribbean

September, 2018

On his last voyage to the New World in 1502, Christopher Columbus made it all the way to the Yucatan Peninsula where he encountered what were believed to be Mayans, and may have got a look at temples and pyramids.  Columbus would later spend a year stranded in Jamaica after his hurricane-battered ships could go no further.

This Columbus Day, what better way to honor the adventurous spirit of the Italian explorer, than chart your own path to the Caribbean at Moon Palace Resorts and Palace Resorts in Mexico and Jamaica. 

Riviera Maya on Columbus Day

Touring Tulum on Columbus Day

Whether Columbus actually sailed up to the ruins of Tulum in Mexico is unknown, but you can one up him when you visit the amazing beachfront ruins that have become famous the world over.

The picturesque temple that overlooks the turquoise waters is an unforgettable sight but the town surrounding the ruins has become an equally alluring attraction. The Tulum Express Tour gets you to the ruins and the artsy town that has grown up around them for a fabulous day trip.

Discover the Secrets of Chichen Itza on Columbus Day

If the ruins at Tulum are impressive, a trip to the majestic Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza will drop your jaw. We are fairly certain Columbus never made it deep into the heart of the jungle to see the amazing El Castillo but fortunately it’s just a day trip away from Cancun.

You’ll be lucky to fit in all the adventures available at Chichen Itza in a day, including taking a dip in a nearby cenote, walking along the ball court where the winners of an ancient Mayan game were allegedly sacrificed, and witnessing a light show at the El Caracol Observatory. 

If you can get to the ruins during the spring or winter equinox, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime event as you watch the shadow of the Mexican deity Kukulkan appear on the pyramid and snake it’s way all the way down.

Enjoy the luxurious Moon Palace Resort on Columbus Day 2018

Get Stranded in Ocho Rios

Jamaica may have been the most beautiful island Columbus visited – its mountainous rainforest reaching into the Caribbean all around the island – but he probably didn’t see it that way considering he was basically shipwrecked on the island for a year during his expedition.

He is thought to have “landed” in St. Ann’s Bay or Discovery Bay, and is likely to have come upon some of the island’s amazing waterfalls. Both St. Ann’s Bay and Discovery Bay are close to Ocho Rios and Moon Palace Jamaica, which is basically waterfall central in Jamaica. There are at least five idyllic waterfalls you can tour from the resort and say that you bathed in the very same waters that Columbus landed near.

Set Sail Better Than Chris

While Columbus’ ships got stuck on the island, you can take part in a more successful sailing experience at Moon Palace Jamaica. 

From the resort you can choose to take your own catamaran out for a sail or book a Sunset Cruise where the sailing is taken care of while you enjoy the open bar and gaze at the descending sun.

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chuke b
chuke b

Vacation experience

During our stay at Moon Palace we mostly Enjoyed The Pub & the staff. The atmosphere was great. The staff was great & we enjoyed many conversations with them. They are all very kind & inviting.

Ryan W
Ryan W

Cancun Moon Palace Vacation

Wonderful dinner at Arrecifas, their Brazilian steakhouse. Great cuts of meat, with delicious desserts and drinks. Fantastic service and really felt like me and my friends were taken care of. Looking forward to my next visit! 

John W
John W

Family vacation in paradise

This hotel is absolutely amazing. Every detail is incredible. One, among many, parts worth noting is the kids club! The staff is so attentive and there are so many fun things for the kids to do!