Moon Palace Protected Nature Reserve, the lung of the Riviera Maya

At Moon Palace Cancun, the preservation of our natural habitat, and caring for the environment are two of the most important elements of our operations. Although not visible to our guests, behind closed doors our mission has always been to contribute to the long-term conservation of the flora, fauna. That’s why we founded the Moon Palace Protected Nature Reserve, which serves as a lung for the Riviera Maya. Join us as we take you on a tour of this significant ecosystem.

Moon Palace Protected Nature Reserve, the lung of the Riviera Maya

During your stay, prepare to encounter a mixture of species wandering throughout our grounds at Moon Palace Cancun as we have designated a 315-hectare area exclusively for the conservation of mangroves, rainforest, and abundant wildlife including several species that are in danger of extinction such as the veined tree frog.

Learn more about each here: 

1. It is home to unique species

Picture yourself wandering on the tropical oasis surrounded by rich local flora and fauna as you encounter an abundance of wildlife of more than 240 species, including birds, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles. A few species include: 

  • Russet-naped wood rail (Aramides albiventris) and the striking reddish colored legs of the adults
  • Veined tree frog and common milk frog
  • Northern tamandua, ocelots, and deer
  • Crocodiles and cat-eyed snakes

Whether bird watching or turtle releasing, you’ll be able to meet these lovely species through unique activities designed to connect you with nature during your vacations.

Moon Palace Protected Nature Reserve, the lung of the Riviera Maya

2. An environmental lung and source of blue carbon

In the heart of our nature reserve, the tree trunks, roots, leaves, and sediments in the jungle and mangroves capture carbon dioxide (CO2)—a major contributor to climate change—and store it. This is deemed as blue carbon, an essential element for the wellbeing of our planet.

The mangroves are a unique ecosystem that perform a vital function in purifying the air, and controlling the quality of water as it acts as a natural filter and carbon sink. These ecosystems are essential for the reproduction, growth, and preservation of mangrove species. Currently, of the total 315 hectares, 208 are mangroves that carry out this process.

It may be hard to believe, but right outside your window, there’s a natural laboratory working tirelessly to provide you with delicious, clean drinking water, along with a parade of wildlife wonders to captivate and delight you during your stay.

3. A natural inheritance

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of thousands of staff members, we and future generations will be able to continue relishing the benefits of this Nature Reserve as it has been incorporated under the Natural Protected Area—an Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (Moon Palace Private Reserve). This has been a reserve since 2013 also been declared and certified by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP).

Palace Resorts' Earth Inclusive program aims to elevate our commitment to sustainability and low carbon tourism, and this is simply one more step in that direction. 

The vast biological diversity, abundant flora and fauna are just some reasons to connect with nature on your vacations while contributing to sustainable tourism and relishing in paradise alongside family, friends, and loved ones.

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J Curtis
J Curtis
Dallas, Texas

#BestServer of our entire stay 7 night vacay

I want to give a BIG shout out to Fernando for his #TopShelfService. My family and I have been on vacation for 7 nights at the #SunriseMoonPalace and his service was the perfect example of why you would come to this resort. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, this is your spot! Enjoy


Swimming with dolphins was wonderful: they were humanely treated and not mobbed by tourists.

Overall great experience: the rooms, food (many options were available), drinks and service are all great. Grounds neatly kept.
However, the beach and water has a lot of trash in it (beware, swimmers).

Thomas C
Thomas C

Love it!

We celebrated our daughter’s graduation from Dental school and my birthday May 23-30. From start to finish we had a great week! The accommodations were fabulous, the restaurants were excellent and the service was over the top!