Bringing Yoga to Your Palace Resorts Vacation - Travel Yoga

Travel Yoga

February, 2018

Travel yoga is a great way to physically recover from a long plane ride, to energize yourself after taking in the sights, or to mentally relax while in close quarters with your kids for what can sometimes seem like an eternity.
No matter how many miles your travel takes you, it is possible to bring yoga along for the ride, especially when you are staying at Moon Palace Resorts, Le Blanc Spa Resorts and all Palace Resorts. And unlike lugging your laptop around with its dozens of work emails, taking yoga along with you will actually help you enjoy your vacation even more.

Whether you want to do sun salutations on a tropical beach, unroll your mat on your hotel room balcony, or simply do yoga poses at the airport or on a plane, read on for simple ways to get your ‘om’ on while out of town. 

Travel yoga in the beach

Take Advantage of Idle Travel Time

Don't let all that waiting around at the airport be in vain. Sitting in your seat at the gate or on the plane is the perfect time to practice some relaxing chair poses to prepare for your flight, say experts.

"If you are stuck on an airplane or in the airport, there are many different yoga poses you can practice in a chair to keep the blood flowing and get a little workout in as well," explains Gabrielle Benoit, a yoga and pilates instructor and founder of Core Club LA in Los Angeles to Fitness Magazine.

These chair-friendly yoga poses will stretch tense muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – and ready for a day of travel.

It’s not all physical, either. Registered Yoga Teacher Michelle Catin said vacations and getaways represent even more chances to tap into yoga’s non-physical practices. “Yoga also encompasses breathing and meditation, which you can do at any time without a mat,” she explained.

Travel yoga in the beach

Try Yoga in a New Way

One great part of a vacation is trying new things, so why not try your hand at a creative way to practice your poses? “Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you need to stop your yoga practice,” said Catin, who is also Palace Resorts’ director of marketing and social media. “Join us for one of our scheduled yoga classes, or even practice on the beach on your own. Set a goal of doing at least five minutes a day during your vacation.”

At Moon Palace The Grand - Cancun, you can take your yoga to the pool with Paddleboard Yoga, offered every weekend. Or get your Zen on with traditional Vinyasa or Hatha yoga class during your stay at Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun.

Where travel yoga has a distinct advantage over your home practice is in regards to the setting. “Schedule a tour outside Palace Resorts in Mexico and Jamaica and take yoga with you,” Catin recommended. “Activate all your senses by capturing the sights, sounds, smells, physical sensations, and even conjure the tastes all around you. If you can, take a seat and meditate on the wonders that surround you.”

Yoga As Part of A Wellness Vacation

If you’re looking to include yoga as part of a whole wellness vacation experience, look no further than Moon Palace Cancun. Not only can you get in some yoga in the privacy of your own suite with the complementary “Awe Sports Kit,” complete with a yoga mat, jump rope and dumbbells, but eating healthy is a breeze with a heart healthy menu and gluten-free meals, available 24 hours a day via complimentary 24-hour room service.

In addition to the all Palace Resorts’ state-of-the-art gymnasiums and stellar lineup of fitness activities including yoga, CrossFit-style classes, traditional spinning and Pilates, guests staying in a Moon Palace Wellness Suite can also participate in aqua spinning with a private instructor.

Strike a Pose in Your Pajamas

Good news for yogis and sleep enthusiasts alike - there may be huge benefits to sneak in some yoga while still in bed. “People underestimate the power of those few minutes before we get out of bed and rush into our day,” says Vyda Bielkus, co-founder of Boston’s Health Yoga Life. “In those moments, we can set up some clear intentions and choices,” explained to the Huff Post.

“Yin Yoga is a good practice right before bed,” added Catin. “Poses are typically held for longer periods of time, allowing you to maximize the stretch in areas where we tend to store physical stress. It helps one feel more calm and relaxed.” 

Among the poses Catin recommended were Eagle Arms (a stretch of the upper body), Eye the Needle (a supine variation of pigeon pose), Supine Twist, and Supine Bound Angle Pose. After holding those poses for one to two minutes each, Catin said guest should try Savasana, also known as final relaxation, before going to bed. 

Whether you practice travel yoga to relax, feel more energized, or before getting a good night sleep, Palace Resorts will be with you all along the way. Namaste!

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J Curtis
J Curtis
Dallas, Texas

#BestServer of our entire stay 7 night vacay

I want to give a BIG shout out to Fernando for his #TopShelfService. My family and I have been on vacation for 7 nights at the #SunriseMoonPalace and his service was the perfect example of why you would come to this resort. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, this is your spot! Enjoy


Swimming with dolphins was wonderful: they were humanely treated and not mobbed by tourists.

Overall great experience: the rooms, food (many options were available), drinks and service are all great. Grounds neatly kept.
However, the beach and water has a lot of trash in it (beware, swimmers).

Thomas C
Thomas C

Love it!

We celebrated our daughter’s graduation from Dental school and my birthday May 23-30. From start to finish we had a great week! The accommodations were fabulous, the restaurants were excellent and the service was over the top!